Apr 15, 2016
Hello, and welcome to our new firm, new website, and, hopefully, your new family lawyers!  On January 1, 2016, 3 local attorneys, John W. Bissell and Emily M. Klavenski (both formerly of the Law Office of John W. Bissell, P.C.) and Howard "Jack" Weyers, Jr., came together to form Family and Elder Law of Mid-Michigan, P.C. Now, you’re probably asking yourself, why Family and Elder Law of Mid-Michigan, P.C.? Seems like a pretty long name, doesn’t it? To make a long story (and potentially long name) short, our 3 attorneys came together with the idea for a new firm founded on the idea of providing a broad continuum of high-quality, yet affordably priced, family legal services. Our lawyers wanted to buck tradition a bit by not naming the firm Bissell, Klavenski, and Weyers, but rather wanted to express who we are to the public through our name. Well, the idea of trying to fit the name: Divorce, Custody, Stepchild Adoption, Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreement, Child Support, Spousal Support, Criminal, Wills, Trusts, Guardianship, Conservatorship, Probate Administration, Elder Advocacy, Medicaid and Long-Term Care Planning, and Domestic and Civil Mediation Law, P.C. onto letterhead seemed pretty much impossible. But, we did want to convey the message that we are a full-service, family-oriented law firm that specializes in family law, estate planning, and elder law and offers a full spectrum of services related thereto (had to throw in a little legalese there—we do that too!—but only upon request).

Furthermore, we are strategically partnered with other attorneys, healthcare providers, and financial industry professionals to provide a holistic approach to meeting all of your family's needs. So, when the need arises, please give us a call. We are at your service. AND, REMEMBER—WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER, YOUR FAMILY AND OURS!