"So, the fact that you could take what little I had, and make something out of it, was remarkable. If I ever need anything legally I will think of you. You were always caring, calm and in control so that I could pretend to be in control when underneath I was almost hysterical."

-Probate Client


"I admit I was not even sure if we needed a lawyer for my Mom's small estate, however the quoted price seemed reasonable for all the questions I had about being Mom's Personal Representative. When I went to the appointment everyone in the office was friendly and kind. Jack and his partner explained all the paperwork as we went through it and patiently answered all my questions. After the papers were signed Jack took everything to the court house, while my husband and I went to our hotel (I live out of state). Jack met us later at the hotel and had all the documents I needed for probate. He had even made an appointment for me with my mother's bank. Since then Jack has guided me through each step of probate and has submitted required documents to the court, allowing me to stay home and avoid the extra costs of traveling to Michigan. Now, I am convinced the money for a lawyer has been well spent. All the paperwork to-date has been completed and filed on or before deadlines. Best of all there are no doubts in my mind that my mom's instructions are being honored according to Michigan's probate laws.​I was a client of Mr. Weyers.  I was very satisfied with the job that he did.  He was very helpful and personable.  Got the help I needed in a timely manner."

-Estate Planning Client


"Emily did a fantastic job handling my divorce! She was prompt, courteous, and very efficient. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend her to friends or acquaintances that might require legal services. Thank you again!"

-MSU Graduate Student Client


"We received great care in our need for complete explanation of our legal needs for our Will and Estate Planning for our family!"

-Will and Estate Plan Client