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Our Fees

Base/Standard Estate Planning

Base or Standard Estate Planning provides solid basic planning for people who do not need personal, detailed wishes for care during their lifetime, additional authority and instructions to agents, lifetime asset protection for spouse and/or children or remarriage protection. A Base or Standard plan includes outright distributions and trusts for minor or disabled beneficiaries. Information on our different plans and services, as well as the up-front costs and annuals fees, can be found by clicking here.

The subject of legal fees is one we know is important to you, and we strive to change the stigma that solid legal advice and help is not affordable.  Our policy is to be very up-front with you on the subject to eliminate misunderstandings and ensure our relationship in your private matters is a sound and achievable one for you.

We understand in this day and age of online legal support, it is very easy to try to "do it yourself." However, what may seem like an easy way to save time and money now could end up costing you much more in legal fees and headaches down the road to correct an innocent mistake. Our work involves much more than preparing documents and going to court. We believe in partnering with and guiding you so that your legal strategy doesn’t just “look good on paper;” we want to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to make sure it “works in real life.”

In order to develop this strategy, we invest the needed time to listen and learn about your current circumstances, and what brought you to Family and Elder Law of Mid-Michigan, P.C. in the first place. For example, when creating an Estate Plan, it is imperative that we learn, not only just about your financial assets and how you would like to distribute them, but also about any health care challenges you (or a family member) may be facing now or in the future, who you truly trust to handle your affairs upon your death or incapacity, the makeup of your family, your planning goals, any fears you have about your future or the future of your loved ones, your current and future financial situation, and any family values you’d like to pass through the generations. Doing so will enable us to create a plan that will help to protect your assets now and after you’re gone; keeping in mind that we consider your most valuable assets your family relationships, your family values, your health, your legal rights, and your hard-earned money.  Understanding the entirety of those assets allows to create a holistic approach to your matter and will also allow us to bring any other necessary professionals to the table to make sure your legal strategy will be designed and carried according to your intentions.

We strive to be upfront about our fees.  Accordingly, we will let you know what to expect regarding our fees and associated payment options no later than the end of our initial meeting so that you can budget for and make informed decisions about the next steps in your legal plan.

Are we “the cheapest lawyers around?” 

No, and we don’t claim or try to be. After all, your livelihood is at stake in many instances.  We don’t think it’s wise to “cut corners” under these circumstances.  You cannot put a price on "peace of mind." We firmly believe that, and hope you do as well. 

Do we offer exceptional value? 

Yes, absolutely. We pride ourselves in achieving excellent results for our clients. We’re able to achieve that because we have a staff of dedicated and accomplished professionals. We are not a general practice firm—we specialize in family-related issues—that is our area of expertise.  We have the knowledge, experience and confidence it takes to produce excellent results.  And, we have arrangements with other legal, financial, and healthcare related professionals who complement our service offering to protect your family’s assets and legal rights.

Allow us the privilege of being your family’s lifecycle attorneys--from generation to generation.  And, remember, at Family and Elder Law of Mid-Michigan, P.C., FAMILY MATTERS!